Hyper-local, Real-time, Multi-Channel Campaigns


Hyper-localise your campaigns’ Key-Visuals with custom Overlays, and Adapts. Call out special features of locations and venues, include local contact details, and control where click-through should be directed, to personalize your engagement.

Real Time

As your campaign progresses, we create real-time Overlays and Adapts that provide updates, launch countdowns, buzz message, and other engaging content to connect with your customers.


Each channel demands a different size and visual placement. We power multiple-channels, by designing overlays that adapt to each channel’s requirements, with an ability to respond to changes in the templates.

Our Offerings


We manage all the Overlays and Adapts that we create for you in a secure cloud. You approve the content, control who it gets distributed to, and when it gets distributed to them. Your repository is also available anytime for reference and re-use.


We amplify your campaign by enabling you to extend the campaigns to all your participants. You define, and we create, the custom content relevant to each participant and post it across all channels.


How customers respond to your content layout is key to the success of your campaign. We can execute multiple layout designs based on your inputs, track them independently, and measure their relative click-through performance.